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The World’s Biggest and Best Cheeky Butler Company – Here’s Why.

Why is Butlers in the Buff the biggest cheeky butler company?

That’s Easy, because we’re the best!

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About you – Our Clients – The most important people

Your event, no matter how small or big, means the world to us and to our butlers.

YOUR EVENT is genuinely unique, a one-of-a-kind experience set to be absolutely awesome! Without your sharing the joy of your Butlers in the Buff experience with friends and colleagues, we wouldn’t be able to grow. Check out our impressive testimonials.

We understand the significant time and effort you’ve invested in making YOUR EVENT the best it can possibly be. That’s precisely why our dedicated team is here to provide assistance.

Our aim is to enhance the incredible work you’ve put into your event and add that extra special touch! We won’t disappoint you. You and your guests are the cornerstone of our process, and we’re here to ensure your event exceeds all expectations.

We are the World’s first, best & largest buff butler company

Question Do you know what a gathering of Buff Butlers is collectively known as?

Answer – Once again, a world first from us…. A collection of Buff Buff Butlers shall be known as a “Muscle” =  ‘A Muscle of Buff Party Butlers’

The world’s favourite Cheeky Butler Company is still No. 1 after 15 years

About the Buff Butlers – The second most important people

With a remarkable roster of over 1000 fabulous and hunky Butlers spread across the globe, rest assured, we’re here to ensure you’re in good hands! We’ve got ample Butler power to handle any situation that may arise at your event. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Every single Butler in the Buff is handpicked and gorgeous

We take pride in conducting thorough interviews with each and every Butler, ensuring you receive the ultimate party experience – that’s our promise!

Our Butlers in the Buff exude confidence, professionalism, and politeness, all while being a whole lot of fun. So, let’s get this party started!

hens party butler in the buff

All our butlers undergo rigorous vetting and comprehensive training.

New recruits always undergo training alongside our experienced butlers to ensure they meet our high standards.

Every butler featured on our website is an authentic Butler in the Buff.

We don’t employ models for photoshoots, nor do we engage in image theft from other online sources. Butlers in the Buff are the real deal.

About us – The dedicated professional team that brings Butlers in the Buff to life.

The “Muscle” of Butlers – we couldn’t resist mentioning it!

Butlers in the Buff is the only one with the “Muscle” of Butlers we proudly claim. We don’t cherry-pick a handful of our finest gents and then dispatch others. Explore our galleries to see for yourself.

We don’t repeatedly showcase the same five individuals ad nauseam… That’s because we genuinely boast a roster of top-notch guys all across the nation, ready to elevate YOUR PARTY to the next level.

Experienced and approachable booking team

Uncertain about planning your event? Our seasoned staff possess a wealth of experience and are more than happy to assist you.

Since our very beginning, 15 years ago, each and every Butler in the Buff has…

  • Been part of our team
  • Committed, by contract, to adhere strictly to our codes of conduct
  • Received their compensation directly from us (excluding tips, of course!)
  • Earned their place in the Butlers in the Buff elite.

Only Butlers in the Buff has over 30,000 Facebook likes worldwide. Why? That’s easy – we’re the best.  Guaranteed.

We work hard to make sure YOUR PARTY is also the best.

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Booking is simple, easy and secure.

  • Dedicated bookings managers for every event
  • 24 hour ‘out of hours’ contact number
  • Payment is quick, easy & secure
  • Debit & credit cards or online payment
  • Full public liability insurance

Simply email us at we’ll be happy to help or visit our FAQ page.

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