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Hen Party Games

Hen’s night activities offer heaps of fun and laughter, so it’s essential to organize some unforgettable ones! Over time, we’ve mastered the art of planning fantastic party games that engage everyone in the group and result in lots of chuckles, and perhaps even a cheeky moment or two!

Our Butlers in the Buff are experts when it comes to coordinating these fantastic party games, no matter which ones you decide to go with. They’ll facilitate, judge, and join in on your selected games. Check out below for some of our all-time favorites, and remember, there are hundreds more to choose from!

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Pin The Junk On The Hunk

Aim of the game

Taken from the children’s game ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ this family favourite has been adapted for the adult mind! You think you know the male anatomy? How well will you know it blindfolded?.

What you need to play : You will need to have your own game kit for this.

How to play

  1. Pin the male torso poster onto a wall or door.
  2. Blindfold the person going first. Making sure there’s no gaps for cheating!
  3. Spin her around a couple of times for good measure.
  4. Then give her a willy sticker and lead her to the picture.
  5. The person that manages to stick the willy in the most appropriate place to where it should be located – wins!

Mr & Mrs

Aim of the game

How well do the bride and groom know each other?

What you need to play: This will need some forward planning, you will need to get the groom involved, and he will need to have pre answered the questions. We recommend 15-20 questions.

How to play:

  1. The butler will read a question to the hen that has previously been asked to the groom.
  2. If the hen gets it correct she will nominate a member of the group to drink a shot.
  3. If she gets it wrong she will have to drink a shot – from a glass or from the butlers body!
hens party australia

Prosecco Pong

Aim of the game

How’s your aim? Can you throw the ball into the cup to get the opposition drunk?

What you need to play: As many classes/ cups as there is people ideally and Prosecco (or shots) ping pong balls

How to play

  1. Set up the glasses equally at either end of a table.
  2. Fill the classes half full with your chosen drink.
  3. Split the group into 2 teams.
  4. Each side has a go at getting the ball across the table into the cups, if it lands in your cup you have to drink it!
  5. The winning team is the team with the most glasses left at the end!

Pass The Cucumber

Aim of the game

The first team to pass the cucumber in one piece without dropping it to the end of the line using only their legs wins!

What you need to play: Cucumbers

How to play:

  1. Split your group into two teams, each team will need to stand in a line.
  2. The person at the front will start with the cucumber held between their legs.
  3. The winners are the first ones to get to the end of line in the fastest time.
  4. If you drop the cucumber you have to pass it back to the start, no cheating.

Pop The Balloon

Aim of the game

Can you put your bedroom moves to the test with your Butler to pop the balloon the fastest?

What you need to play: Balloons

How to play

  1. Split your group into 2 teams.
  2. Each person has a balloon.
  3. Put your best Karma Sutra moves to the test to pop the balloon with your Butler.
  4. The winning team is the one to pop the most balloons.

Find The Plaster Game

Aim of the game

Who can find the plaster on the Butler, blindfolded in the quickest time.

What you need to play: Blindfold & Stickers or Plasters

How to play

  1. Place the blindfold over the first person’s eyes and make sure there is no cheating!
  2. Once blindfolded a different member of the group can either be really nice or a little bit naughty (probably naughty)
  3. They will need to stick the sticker or plaster somewhere on the butler’s body.
  4. It’s then the blindfolded person’s job to try and find the sticker as fast as they can.
  5. Get someone to time each person. The person who takes the longest will get a forfeit chosen by the butler.

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