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Life Drawing Class

Searching for a hens party activity that’ll leave a lasting impression for years to come? Look no further! Our distinctive and unforgettable Life Drawing Classes guarantee giggles and racing hearts all around.

These classes brilliantly combine artistry with the male form, adding a tasteful touch of cheekiness to your celebration. After all, no party is complete without the presence of a dashing, nude model. And what could be more delightful than sipping champagne with your friends while trying your hand at sketching a striking man before your eyes?

In this engaging session guided by one of our handsome models, you’ll have the chance to capture the essence of the male form through various poses. While honing your artistic skills, you’ll also discover new techniques and indulge in some playful, creative exploration. It’s cheeky fun that you won’t want to miss!

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Don’t fret if you haven’t sketched in ages; this class is all about having fun. With our charming model’s guidance, you’ll sketch like a pro in no time. If you can tear your eyes away from him, that is!

In our life drawing class, you get two experiences in one. Besides a 45-minute nude drawing session, enjoy a 45-minute mini butler service. Your model will transform into a cheeky butler, catering to your group’s every need and keeping the party going.

We’ve handpicked our models for their looks and personalities, ensuring they’re the hottest in town, guaranteeing an unforgettable hens night.

So, hens, grab your pens! Gorgeous men are waiting for your artistic touch!

What do Our Life Drawing Classes Involve?

In our 1.5-hour Life Drawing Class, your chosen model will arrive fully prepared to help you craft a contemporary masterpiece!

During the initial 45-minute segment, you and your fellow party guests will sketch our handsome model, showcasing his versatility in various poses, clad in as much or as little attire as you prefer. As he reveals his sculpted physique and charming good looks, he’ll also regale you with witty banter, ensuring laughter and relaxation all around.

For the remaining 45 minutes, your model transforms into a mischievous butler, treating you and your hens to a mini-butler experience. Here, you can compare your artistic creations and even have the model pick his favourite. His duties extend to pouring prosecco, serving delectable bites, orchestrating party games, capturing group snapshots, and expertly mixing cocktails! If desired, this delightful experience can be extended to a two-hour session upon request.

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Let’s get the Party Started

Book our butlers in the buff and add some extra spice to your next event. Our handsome hunks are the perfect addition for any occasion, guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

What kind of party are you planning?


What will happen on the day of my booking?

All our models check in with us on the morning of the booking so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Your model will be in contact with you 5 – 10 minutes prior to their booked time and will telephone you once they are outside, keeping their arrival a surprise.

Please ensure that we are able to contact you at all times prior to your booking. If our models are unable to reach you, this may result in a loss of booking time or your booking being cancelled altogether.

Upon arrival, your model will require a room to get changed in and be ready for a prompt start.

What will my life drawing model do?

Our life drawing classes last for 1 hour 30 minutes and are tailor made for hen dos!

Therefore, all of our classes are fun and light hearted.

For the first 45 minutes, your life drawing model will either sit or stand and strike a few poses for you and your guests to draw.

For the last half of the session, the model will put their cheeky butler attire on and transform into a Buff Butler. During this mini butlering session, they can take part in any party games you have organised, get involved in photographs, serve up any drinks and can even judge their favourite drawing.

Does the model become nude?

Yes, your model will become completely nude and can wear as little as you like! However, if you wish, you can request that he is partially clothed.

Does the class include a tutor?

No, a tutor is not required! Our gorgeous models are charming, cheeky and full of personality, so they’re terrific at leading our classes. They will ensure to keep the class fun and lighthearted and will provide assistance when needed.

What do the life drawing models look like?

Our life drawing models are also butlers so you won’t be disappointed! Our hunks are hot as they have gorgeous muscular bodies, defined abs and gorgeous looks.

Can we choose our model?

We will take any preferences that you request of your life drawing model and try our best to accommodate them.

One of our booking managers will ensure that your model best fits your requirements.

All the models on our website are the standard of guys that we have, so we ensure you will be satisfied with the model provided.

What materials are included?

The life drawing model will arrive at your accommodation with all the materials that you will need to draw him.

Materials include A3 quality drawing paper, pencils, rubbers and sharpeners. (Please note materials do not include something to lean on.)

How many people do the materials cover?

Materials only cover up to 20 guests, but if you wish to have more guests, we can arrange more materials for you at an extra $10 per person.

Can I extend the length of the class?

Of course! For an extra $90 you can have your life drawing model for an extra 30 minutes! Making your class an hour of life drawing followed by an hour of butlering!

Can the model come to our venue?

Yes, our life drawing classes are a mobile service, so we can visit your venue anywhere in Aus! We regularly go to rented cottages, hired accommodation, hotels, private homes and function rooms. We also have public liability insurance as we know it is a requirement for some venues.

* Venue hire is not included and is to be provided by the organiser.

Do we have a suitable venue?

Your venue will need to be private and closed off from public view.

Also, there needs to be enough room for the life drawing model to do his poses and space for the hens to draw.

We are a mixed gender/LGBT group – can we book with Butlers with Bums?

Absolutely! We have a wide range of experience in hosting mixed and gay events! To ensure we select a suitable model for your group, please let us know 14 days prior to the booking if any males will be in attendance.

Can I change the number of guests?

If you wish to add additional guests at any point that is absolutely fine, however, we are unable to refund if your numbers decrease.

We suggest you book for the minimum number of confirmed guests and add others on at a later date.

The number of guests that you book for is the number that you will be required to pay for. Dropping in numbers is not possible once a booking is confirmed.

What happens if my model is late?

We recommended having at least an hour window after your finish time in case your butler is unable to arrive on time due to travel restrictions etc.

This doesn’t happen often but sometimes these situations occur.

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