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Host Your Event
Serve Food & Drink
Mix Cocktails
Play Party Games
Pose For Photos

How Our Butlers Work

Butlers in the Buff are party butlers! They are hand-selected to be outgoing, fun and cheeky. They will man the bar, and BBQ, serve your plated dinner and mingle with your guests. Trays and equipment are not provided, we at Butlers in the Buff send only a fabulous, hunky server to your door with nothing but his little uniform and a smile!

Butlers in the Buff are great for Hens, Birthdays, Bridal and Baby Showers, Pool Parties or just for fun. More inspiration can be found in our blog posts.

Not only will your Butler in the Buff serve your food and drinks, but he will host your party games and even play them with you! Help yourself to our saucy hen party games.

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Butler Dress Options

The Signature Outfit – All of our Butlers around the globe sport our branded aprons highlighting their gorgeous bottoms along with a crisp white collar, cuffs and black bowtie.
Black Boxer Briefs – Your Butler can also wear snug fitting black boxers under the apron.
Black Dress Pants – Could be an option for a more dressed up look.
Themes –  As long as you are able to provide the additions to the signature outfit, your butler is a very good sport and can wear any hat, sash, shorts etc. that you wish to add. Talk to our helpful bookings staff about your ideas!

Booking is Easy

First get in touch with us for a quote, especially important if you are looking to book in areas further afield than our major metro areas.

Fill out an online quote here or contact our team today.

Our friendly booking staff will answer all your questions and provide great ideas on how to use your Butler in the Buff.

Payments are fast, 100% secure and easy.

Deposit – To reserve we require a minimum $60 deposit per Butler. This secures your Butler/s for your chosen times and dates
Balance – Balances for advance bookings are due 14 days before your event date. (For events within 14 days, your full payment will be required at the time of booking)

Please book early to avoid disappointment, peak periods can book up fast!

Once you have booked your handsome, fun Butler in the Buff we will send you a payment receipt and booking confirmation

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On the day of your booking

Your butler/s will give you a courtesy call on arrival. (So we don’t spoil the surprise) We always aim to arrive 10-15 mins early.

Butler/s will arrive dressed normally. Please provide a private place to change. A bedroom or bathroom is fine.

Time to party!  Relax and let your Butler/s top up your wine, bring you appetisers, take care of answering the door and host your cheeky party games. He’ll even do the dishes before he finishes!

Tipping your butler is greatly appreciated. But entirely up to you!

Can I touch my Butler?
Appropriate touching during game is perfectly fine and of course having him lift you up or putting an arm around your Butler in the Buff for a photo is welcome!

Some ideas for how you can make use of our staff

Greet guests on arrival – having some of our staff welcoming your guests as they arrive can be one of the most effective uses; they make a real impact and great first impression as your visitors enter.

Serve champagne – perhaps let our staff serve champagne rather than the regular staff so they are distinctive and can circulate, topping up your guests’ glasses.

Mingle with guests – other than their attractive appearance, another facet of our staff that sets them apart from regular service staff is their magnetism and wit. Mingling and chatting with all your guests, they will charm them with polite conversation.

Raising money – if you are holding a fundraising event why not leave envelopes on your guests’ tables and then have our staff collect them, they can encourage donations with a little chat

Accompanying speakers on the stage – you could have our staff walk on and off stage with the guest speakers, adding much glamour

Showcasing or promoting – whatever your product if you provide us with your brief our staff can help you with your promotion activities from media drops and walkabouts to modelling

Not just a pretty face – Although our staff are fabulous to look at and bring sparkle to any occasion they attend, you can make use of more than just their appearance should you wish to.

Consider how to use the qualities that our staff have to make your event extra special and memorable for your guests. They are all fit, young, charismatic, and courteous – they know how to impress.

Let’s get the Party Started

Book our butlers in the buff and add some extra spice to your next event. Our handsome hunks are the perfect addition for any occasion, guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

What kind of party are you planning?

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