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Host Your Event
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Mix Cocktails
Play Party Games
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Buff Butler Services

Welcome to Australia’s first and favourite Butlers in the Buff™! You won’t get a better butler anywhere else! We have the most reliable, hottest butlers for your hens party in Australia! Cheeky Butlers, Buff Butlers whatever you’d like to call us, we’re THE OFFICIAL BUTLERS IN THE BUFF™.

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What do Butlers in the Buff do?

Once you have a gorgeous Butler in the Buff to wait on you-what will you do with him? These sexy servers are hardworking too and are pumped to get your party started right!

Keeping You Entertained

What Can My Buff Butlers Do?

hens party australia
Play Party Games
Mix Cocktails
Pose For Photos
Host Your Event
hens party
Serve Champagne
Serve Food

Buff Butler Surprise!

Ask your Butler to greet guests at the door. Their faces will light up when they’re met with ripped abs, beautiful eyes and a cheeky smile!

Hide your butler away in another room then have him appear at a special moment! A great way to surprise the guest of honor, have your butler approach with flowers, chocolates, glass of champagne or a pretty drink!

hens party butler in the buff
hens party australia

Cheeky Party Games

Butlers in the Buff work really well at hosting party games and are the perfect ice breakers. Have all your guests interacting with the Butler and pump up your party!

Download our party games and print off your favorites! Get the games here!

Cocktails anyone?

Why not get your butlers to mix cocktails – they will need a recipe and all the ingredients.  Here are some great cocktail recipes to download.

Just provide your Butler with the ingredients required and the equipment needed!

hens party cocktail class
hens party

Sexy Bar Service

They are happy to make and serve your drinks. Or ask him to mingle with your guests, topping up glasses.


Food Service

Your Butler can walk around with trays of appetizers, or serve the table at a dinner party. He’ll even do the washing up!

When its BBQ season use your butler to help with serving from the BBQ.

Butlers in the Buff are on hand to cater to your every need. Your butler is there to work so if anyone needs anything fetching or carrying just let the butler know and he will be happy to take care of it.

hens party australia

Stuck for hens party ideas?

For more ideas visit our how to use your butler page. contests and more photos find and like our Facebook page

Important tips to remember about Butlers in the Buff:

We choose only the best guys so please respect them!

Our cheeky Butlers are entertaining-not entertainment! Butlers in the Buff are servers and hosts…not performers.

You can’t touch this…

Well kind of, please include your butlers in your party games, photos, etc. Appropriate touching of your butlers is fine but please be respectful.

Let’s get the Party Started

Book our butlers in the buff and add some extra spice to your next event. Our handsome hunks are the perfect addition for any occasion, guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

What kind of party are you planning?


Can my butlers make cocktails?

Yes, our butlers are more than happy to mix up cocktails for you. They will need a basic recipe to follow as they are not professionals and all ingredients and equipment must be supplied by you.  Some butlers will be more experienced in cocktail making than others but they are all more than happy to get involved and help out. Cheers!

Can my butler play party games?

Of course, this is one of the best uses of a Butler in the Buff or two!  You can download lots of party games ideas for free here and ask your butlers as we’re sure they have a few games ideas up their sleeve, err.. We mean cuff!

Can I have just one hour?

Unfortunately, one hour bookings aren’t possible. The time flies so we always recommend having two or more hours. Of course, if you are pressed for time you can always send your butlers away early –but surely that would just be madness!

Can we have more than one butler?

Indeed! You can have as many as you like. We recommend one butler is adequate for 10-15 guests and two butlers for over 15 guests. But of course smaller groups have two butlers and bigger groups have one!

What can my butlers do? Your wish is their command…

Serve drinks to guests on arrival • Pamper special guests • Host party games • Serve canapés • Mix & serve cocktails • Greet guests at the door • Pose for a life drawing class • Even tidy up…

Does the price change if we have the event on a Friday or a Saturday?

Not at all – you can have your butler any day of the week.

Can I pick my butlers?

Tell us your preference and let us match the perfect butler for your event. We are unable to guarantee a particular butler or preference but we will always do our best to accommodate your requests.

Maybe you’d like: No tattoos, tattooed, larger Rugby build, slimmer footballer build, boy next door…

Unlike our competitors all of our Butlers are all hand selected, interviewed and have charming, outgoing & fun personalities. Muscular bodies and handsome looks!

How far in advance do I need to book?

We recommend 4 to 6 weeks however we can often book you in last minute but we do get fully booked so booking in advance is advisable. If in doubt just drop us an email and we’ll be able to help.

How much should I tip my butlers?

This is entirely up to you! It is not expected but the butlers always appreciate a tip.

Can my butler stay on at the party?

If you would like to book your butler for extra hours on the evening you can do but this is at the discretion of the butlers at the time.  They may already have plans so may not be able to. We recommend booking extra hours in advance to guarantee availability.

Can we touch our butlers?

You can’t touch this… Well kind of, please include your butlers in your party games, photos, etc. Appropriate touching of your butlers is fine and body shots off your butler, sticking things to your butler but please be respectful.

Can our butlers pose for photos?

Yes the more the merrier and don’t forget to send them in to us – we love to see the butlers in action! Let us know if you are happy for them to be shared on our social media. See what others have sent in here.

What does he wear?

The standard butlers outfit is a white collar, black bow-tie, white cuffs and a bottom revealing black apron. You can add professional looking black pants or tight black boxer briefs if bottoms on display is too much! Also feel free to accessorise your butler to the theme of your party.

Can I see a photo of my butler?

We know you can’t wait to meet your butlers but due to the number of bookings we deal with each week we often have to move butlers around and allocate different butlers to different jobs. However we have the best butlers in the land and have very high standards when recruiting. We’re confident you will be thrilled with the butlers we allocate to your event.

Does he need somewhere to change?

Yes please, all of our butlers will arrive smartly dressed so will need somewhere to change into their butlers outfit. This can be the downstairs bathroom or the broom cupboard!  He will also need somewhere safe to leave his belongings.

Do I need to provide anything for him?

No, not at all. Our butlers are there to work and look after you and your guests.  But as they are human they may need a drink of water or soft drink during longer bookings!

Can we accessorise our Butler?

Yes and people often do. You can theme your butlers to match your party or your event setting.

How do I pay?

Booking is easy – simply fill in our online quote form. All we ask for is a $60.00 deposit for each butler booked, this will secure your booking and is non-refundable. We will then email you a booking confirmation showing your event information – Your booking confirmation will also show how much you have paid, how much is left to be paid and when it will be automatically deducted from your credit card.

Once I’ve booked can I change the time of the event?

We can only guarantee time changes four weeks prior to your event. Within 21-14 days prior to your event we may be able to make changes in some cases but even small changes can be difficult to arrange due to the amount of bookings we have each weekend.

How do I get hold of my butler on the night?

We have a 24 hours emergency number that goes straight to the duty bookings manager for your event. They will be able to contact your butlers on your behalf. This number will be emailed to you on your booking confirmation.

What happens if my butler doesn’t turn up?

As the first-ever Butler in the Buff company in the world, we are very proud of the fact that we have so many gorgeous, fun butlers on our books we will always be able to get a butler to you. Check out some of the ‘muscle’ on our butlers in our photo galleries.

Is it possible to add butlers on to my booking?

Yes of course we are always happy to provide you with more butlers. We think two butlers are always better than one! Twice the fun and twice as much to go around.

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