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Using your Butlers in the Buff

Our Buff Butlers will keep your party entertained with their cheeky good looks and charismatic personalities. They will organise pictures with everyone and suggest perfect party games for you and your group. As well as keeping your glasses topped up and serving the vol-au-vents.

All of our handsome hunks are experienced, professional, friendly and most importantly… irresistibly hot! If you’re looking for a service with more than just a pretty smile, our guys are in great shape and are the ideal choice for any celebration in Australia.

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Hens Party Butlers

Why not book a butler or two to start your night off? Whether that’s for pre-going out drinks whilst getting ready or for an evening get-together with your closest gal pals. Butlers in the Buff are an excellent way to get your party in the mood for the best night ever! You don’t even need an excuse to book a butler for just a girls’ night – it will make you the best friend around!


Whether it’s a 21st or 30th, 40th, 65th or even 90th, Butlers in the Buff make a great surprise gift at the party! A gorgeous Butler in the Buff is a fun, unique way to spoil the birthday girl or guy and wow guests.

Have him appear with a glass of champagne for her or a favourite cocktail. Or for the extra wow factor at a surprise party…have friends surprise her in one room then lead her to her butler! All our butlers are hand-picked to be charming, approachable, fun and hot!

hens party australia

Playing Party Games

No problem! Our butlers are the perfect accessory for party games, they can host or be fully involved. We have lots of party game ideas here!

Champagne Breakfast or Brunch

Spoil someone special with a Butler in the Buff to serve the Mimosas and Caesars on a Saturday or Sunday morning as the perfect surprise before a day together at the spa or as an accompaniment to a special bridal shower brunch! If you are staying in a hotel, why not order room service in the bride’s room and have your Butler in the Buff knock on the door and present her with her breakfast! All you need to do is buy the croissants, orange juice or even champagne!

Dining in and Catering

Dinner parties are all about spending quality time with those who mean the most to you. Don’t miss out on that special time by toiling away in the kitchen! Cue Butlers in the Buff. Handsome helpers who will open bottles, pour the drinks, fetch canapés from the oven or refrigerator and ensure everyone gets offered one (or two!). Not only will we make your dinner party one that friends will chat about in the future but one that you can relax at and be free to enjoy the meal, chat and have our gorgeous guys clear the table for you. They’ll even do the dishes! Your Butler in the Buff can: Open the door, show guests in, offer champagne or wine, mingle with trays of food and chat with guests, serve the table and refresh drinks. They can also tidy up before they leave!

Butler on the Beach

If you have access to a quiet area of beach, this is a fabulous twist on the cabana boy! Your topless butler can lay out and serve your picnic, mix drinks and apply the sun tan lotion! He’ll provide shade and even fan you and your girlfriends to keep you cool. Ask us how to order a Butler on the Beach. Please note that all public locations require board shorts or black dress pants outfit. For a complete list of options see ‘How it works’. (Special conditions apply, please ask our team)

Boat Cruise

Why not choose one of our great packages are have a topless waiter serve you on board a catamaran cruising out to sea off our amazing coast or around Sydney Harbor?

Office Butler

Have you got a special co-worker or employee/employer who is celebrating their birthday at work? Go the extra mile with a handsome Butler in the Buff to present and cut the cake, serve your coworkers a special lunch or just pamper the birthday girl! Please note that all public locations require the boxer shorts or black dress pants outfit.

Poolside Butler

Butlers in the Buff are the perfect poolside party accessory! Have all your drinks bought to your group poolside by a toned, tanned gorgeous hunk. He’ll take on all cabana boy duties too or man the BBQ for a grilled lunch or dinner. Perfect for the at-home pool party! Please note that all public locations require the boxer shorts or black dress pants outfit.

Fundraiser Butler

Our butlers are the perfect addition to charity events. Over the years we have had some great success stories from fundraising events that our butlers have attended.

Our butlers are great as raffle prizes and auction gifts.  They can assist with selling raffle tickets and drumming up support, or simply serving dessert as a treat for the guests, and they really get guests donating stacks of cash. We allocate a certain amount of our budget to charity work each month so please get in touch and we’ll see how we can help. As much as we would love to donate butlers to everyone who asks, we can’t. But we can offer special charity rates.


Let’s get the Party Started

Book our butlers in the buff and add some extra spice to your next event. Our handsome hunks are the perfect addition for any occasion, guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

What kind of party are you planning?

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