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Serve Food & Drink
Mix Cocktails
Play Party Games
Pose For Photos
Hens Party Ideas & Activities - Australia Wide Events

Hens Party Ideas & Activities - Australia Wide Events

Our Scantily clad Butlers in the Buff or topless waiters if you prefer will attend any private residence, hotel or venue to serve you and your guests food, drink, help out with party games, they will even clean up if required, all whilst wearing our cheeky signature outfit. If you prefer you can have your Butlers, dressed as topless waiters or even in party-themed costumes.

Our Butler packages are available across the whole of Australia and we have a 2-hour minimum on all bookings. One hour with a Butler in the Buff simply isn’t enough. We offer great discounted rates on longer bookings. The more Butlers in the Buff hours you book the better the price you can receive. Please email our team at

Please be sure to fill in your location!

Hire a Butler in the Buff

Charming, innocent just a little cheeky!!


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