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Cocktail Masterclass

If you’re looking for unforgettable hens party ideas, why not add a dash of excitement with a Cocktail Masterclass? It’s the perfect way to get the party started!

During this lively event, you’ll learn how to craft your beloved cocktails under the guidance of a charming and skilled mixologist. Not only will you have an opportunity to let loose and get creative with your fellow hens, but you’ll also be in the company of our very own charismatic ‘Butler in the Buff.’

Whether you decide to whip up the bride-to-be’s signature drink or concoct something entirely new, our experienced mixologists will be by your side, sharing expert tips, offering guidance, and sharing their secret recipes. Plus, let’s not forget the added bonus of having some eye-catching entertainment provided by our ‘Butler in the Buff’!

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What Do Our Cocktail Masterclasses Involve?

Join us for a thrilling 2-hour Cocktail Masterclass, where you and your hens party crew will discover the art of mixing, muddling, and shaking your very own cocktails. This exclusive experience can take place in the comfort of your own home or a chosen venue.

Our hunky mixologist, bursting with muscles and charisma, will come fully equipped with all the essential ingredients and tools. They’ll kick off the session with a quick tutorial on creating mouthwatering cocktails, explaining the necessary equipment and its proper use.

Then, it’s your turn to shine! You’ll have the chance to craft three delectable cocktails from scratch, and our seasoned mixologist will be there to assist whenever needed. It’s a hands-on, fun-filled experience you won’t want to miss!”

That's not all...

Our experience comes packed with a bundle of laughter and entertainment, featuring lively competitions to determine the ultimate cocktail connoisseur among your group. It’s an ideal bonding session for your bride tribe before you hit the town, and an excellent icebreaker for groups who may not yet be well-acquainted!

We understand that not everyone may wish to indulge in alcoholic beverages. That’s why we’re pleased to offer non-alcoholic drink options as well. After all, having an incredible time with mixology doesn’t hinge on alcohol alone!”

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What Do Our Cocktail Masterclasses Include?

  • 1 Mixologist, either fully clothed or in his butler attire (please specify which option you would like at the time of booking)
  • All Alcohol and Mixers
  • All Cocktail Making Equipment
  • All Sundries (napkins, straws, stirrers, etc.)
  • All Glassware & Decorations (fruit, umbrellas, etc.)

Where are our Cocktail Masterclasses held?

With our Cocktail Masterclasses, we bring the bar to you, so you can let loose in the comfort of your home or accommodation! Our interactive classes can be held anywhere you like, including:

  • Private function rooms
  • Rented apartments
  • Your own home
  • Or even in a hotel room (Subject to the hotelier’s permission).

Keeping You Entertained

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Games Included
All Alcohol Included
Great Tasting Cocktails
Add A Butler From $250
Perfect Hens Party Activity
Fun & Friendly Class

Why Not Add a Buff Butler?

Want to add an extra dash of excitement to your Cocktail Masterclass? Why not consider booking one of our Buff Butlers to accompany your mixologist?

Our dashing and charismatic gentlemen bring not only their striking looks and sculpted physiques but also a wealth of expertise to elevate any gathering. Our Butlers in the Buff are more than just eye candy; they’re skilled professionals who are friendly, charismatic, and adaptable to suit any occasion. With their playful charm, they’ll keep your guests engaged and ensure your event runs seamlessly. From welcoming guests at the door to serving refreshments, organizing entertaining games, and capturing unforgettable moments, all while showcasing their signature toned physiques!

Rest assured, our Butlers in the Buff are guaranteed to reduce your stress levels, create lasting memories, and inject a whole lot of cheeky fun into your event.

Let’s get the Party Started

Book our butlers in the buff and add some extra spice to your next event. Our handsome hunks are the perfect addition for any occasion, guaranteed to put you and your guests in the party mood.

What kind of party are you planning?


What does my cocktail class involve?

Depending on the size of your group, you will be split into two teams making up to 3 cocktails per person.

All ice, glassware, alcohol and fruit is provided and the mixologist will arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time to get everything set up and ready for the class.

What will my mixologist wear?

Your mixologist will be fully clothed and will be wearing a shirt and trousers. He is not a butler and will not be wearing a butler attire unless you have specifically request this.

If you would like a butler to attend in additon to your mixologist please let us know and we can book one for you, this will be at an additional cost.

Can I change the number of guests?

If you wish to add additional guests closer to the booking date, that’s absolutely fine. The minimum amount of people for a cocktail class is 10 guests. If your numbers drop below this you will still be required to pay for 10 guests.

Additionally, all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable if your numbers drop. We suggest you book for the minimum number of confirmed guests and add others on at a later date.

Do I need to supply anything?

No! All alcohol, fruit, ice and glassware is provided that will be needed for the cocktail class.

If you wish to drink further alcohol to the cocktails provided during the class, that will need to be supplied by yourselves.

Does he bring a mobile bar?

The mixologist can bring his very own bar to the class for an additional $380.00.

If you wish to add this to the service, please let us know via email or over the phone at the time of booking.

Once I’ve booked can I change the time of my booking?

If after the Booking Date, you wish to change the time there will be a $20 administration fee.

If you wish to change the date there will be a $50 administration fee. If you wish to change this within 7 days of the booking then there will be a $70 administration fee.

If you wish to change the location of the Event there will be a $50 administration fee.

Will the cocktail class come to a hired venue/house?

Yes! Your mixologist will come to any venue that you choose, providing that the venue itself has given full permission for your mixologist to attend. Typically a house/flat, hen houses, cottages and private rooms in bars are popular venues for the mixologists to attend. A large dining table is perfect to host the cocktail class, however if not available than a kitchen work surface is equally good. Your venue will need to be private and closed off from public view.

Can I add a butler to my booking?

Of course you can! Make the most of your cocktail class by adding a gorgeous buff butler to your booking. Our butlers will be on hand to meet and greet guests and serve cocktails that your mixologist has created.

The butlers can also organise group photos and partake and host party games. This will be a great addition to your cocktail class.

Can we request specific cocktails?

Yes! Our mixologists can make most cocktails. We will need to know 14 days in advance of your booking if you wish to make particular cocktails. Please note there will be a small premium of $5 per cocktail for Pornstar Martinis and Espresso Martinis.

What will happen on the day of my booking?

All our mixologists check in with us on the morning of the booking so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Your mixologist will be in contact with you 5 – 10 minutes prior to their booked time and will telephone you once they are outside, keeping their arrival a surprise.

Please ensure that we are able to contact you at all times prior to your booking. If our mixologists are unable to reach you, this may result in a loss of booking time or your booking being cancelled altogether.

Please ensure there is also adequate parking outside the venue so that our mixologists can safely unload all necessary equipment.

Upon arrival, the mixologist will require a room to get changed in and be ready for a prompt start.

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