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Host Your Event
Serve Food & Drink
Mix Cocktails
Play Party Games
Pose For Photos

What is a Butler in the Buff

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered the best hen party idea out there!  A Butler in the Buff.

The ultimate addition to any celebration. These dashing, sculpted, and courteous men are eager to cater to you and your friends at your next gathering.

But there’s more! Our Butlers in the Buff aren’t limited to hen parties. You can book them for baby showers, birthdays, housewarmings, pool parties, or simply a cozy girls’ night in!

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hens party butler in the buff

So, what exactly is a Butler in the Buff? Imagine the iconic Diet Coke break man, dressed in little more than a crisp white collar, a charming bow tie, and a cheeky little apron that barely conceals his perfectly sculpted derriere!

And what does this classy unique party idea actually do…

  • Be your personal bartender
  • Mix cocktails
  • Pose for life drawing 
  • Assist with Party games

Let’s face it, party games can become a bit predictable over time. But introduce a handsome fellow clad in just an apron and a bow tie, and your gathering will be buzzing with excitement for hours! Whether you need them to hand out prizes, host a fun quiz, or serve as a live model for dressing up, they’ve got you (partially) covered

You can’t touch this
Well kinda… We have a ‘Look but don’t touch’ policy… Please include your butlers in your party games, photos, etc. Appropriate touching of your butlers is generally fine but please be respectful. Always ask your butler what he’s happy with.

We hear you! How do you book?
Well, booking is easy and secure.  You can get a price for your party butler here and from there you can book online with just a small deposit per butler!

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