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Butlers in the Buff Newcastle and The Hunter Valley

On the east coast of Australia is the beautiful Newcastle and Hunter Valley. Newcastle is known for its beautiful beaches and The Hunter Valley for its amazing scenery, Vineyards and country-style accommodation. These all attract the interest of many planners searching for hens party ideas for the Newcastle region. Topless waiters from Butlers in the Buff are a must-have add-on to any party!

Hiring a topless waiter or costumed Butler in our signature bottom-revealing apron is the only way your hens party in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley will be made unforgettable.

Our topless waiters will be happy to mix/serve drinks, and food, play games and even help clean. Butlers in the Buff are the cherry on the cake when it comes to your hens party or event.

Our Staff are always happy to help with any questions on using your Butler in the Buff or topless waiter.

birthday party ideas topless waitersThere are many ways that you can use your Butler in the Buff or topless waiter while in the Hunter Valley, we have had hen parties who have hired one of the amazing cottages and had their Butler in the Buff serve them dinner, you could get your Butler to accompany you on your wine tour carrying bags, getting drinks or have your butler start your weekend on the Friday evening after everyone has arrived by serving drinks, nibbles and playing some party games.

Butlers in the Buff have been putting the class back into hen parties for over 20 years in The UK and now in Australia! From Brisbane to Melbourne we have it covered so book your Butler in the Buff to add that classy yet cheeky touch today.

We have many locations across Australia where we offer our services. Check out our Melbourne location page for more information on the Southern city of Melbourne.

bridal-shower-ideas-gamesFor tips on planning and more hen party ideas please check out our blog posts.

We also provide a free hen party games booklet that you can print out.

Don’t forget, if you know someone who would make the perfect Butler in the Buff we are always recruiting across the whole of Australia. They can apply online here.

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