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Tips on how to survive your Work Christmas Party.



  • Always try to go to the work Christmas party – most bosses make a mental note of who is in attendance.
  • If it is a cocktail event, be sure to eat before you go.  You don’t want to be that person that is stalking the food service or constantly at the food area
  • Take one hors d’oeuvres at a time, just because you can hold a handful doesn’t mean you should!
  • Dress for style and not too sexy, work and cleavage don’t go well together.
  • Be relaxed and casual, other staff members and bosses have VERY long memories. So keep the conversations light hearted and fun.
  • Going home barefoot it not a good look, so keep your shoes on, even if you hit the dance floor.
  • Be sure to leave the party at the right time,  if you wish to continue on take it somewhere else.  No one wants to see you sing drunken karaoke or humiliate yourself….. you will never live it down!
  • Keep your hands to yourself, this isn’t the time to grope office colleagues
  • Be inclusive, use this time to talk to people in the office you don’t really know and include this in conversation.  A smile and conversation can make someone feel good.

What not to do at the Work Christmas Party

  • Don’t get drunk!!  You might think you are hilarious, but your boss and colleagues might dis-agree
  • Don’t use this party to complain about work and other staff members
  • NEVER use a Christmas party to ask for a pay rise.
  • Don’t hit on your boss, married colleagues, co-working or client.
  • Don’t bring a partner and spend the whole night tucked away in a corner making out.
  • Don’t put any of the about things on social media  (if they happen)
  • Don’t call in sick the day after the work Christmas party. Use an Annual Leave day or ask your boss if you can start a little later.

Etiquette we have forgotten

  • Ignore your phone.  It will be nice to have few hours off it.
  • Practice holding your drink, napkin and hors d’oeuvres in your left hand, leaving your right hand free to shake hands or mild hug.
  • Introduce people with their full name (first and last)

“John Smith I’d like to introduce you to Santa Claus, he is visiting from our Canada Office.”

  • When entering the room, be sure to pause at the door and then walk across the room with confidence, so everyone sees you.


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