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A popular American holiday October 31st aka Halloween is a growing event trend here in Australia, lets face it everybody loves a dress up party so what better than a date that is all about pulling out the fancy dress clothes.

Screen_Shot_2014-10-11_at_12.22.02_AMSo whilst scanning through the google world of all things Halloween one of the girls in the office told me about this new event that started in the US and is possibly coming to Australia, we have all heard about Tough Mudder, The Colour Run and the numerous marathon events where the less serious get dressed in costume but none of them offer the thrills and heart pumping excitement like that of the “Run For Your Lives” obstacle course.

I myself couldn’t imagine anything more horrifying than being chased by someone but even worse image the people chasing you dressed up like something out of  your nightmares, well this is what “Run For Your Lives” is all about when you register you get assigned to be either a Zombie or a survivor, if you are the Zombie then you get dressed as a decaying zombie with realistic make up and fake blood splattered all over you and if you are a runner well you are just that and run you do hopefully to the end without being caught and eaten alive, sorry slight exaggeration there, I got carried away in the horror of it all.zombir_opt

Basically how it works is the runners are plopped in the middle of a horror film brought to life and have to make it through the obstacle course without being caught by the gruesome creatures who are trying to attack them, and by attack I mean grab the red flag that is attached to your waist.

I watched the promo video and that even got me cringing in my seat, I personally don’t really enjoy running but if I was made to do this I  think this would be the only obstacle / marathon type event that would see me getting to the end.

Check out the video for yourself by clicking here

Join the 49,402 people on Facebook who can’t wait for this to get to Australia.

Or register your interested now for this hair raising, once in a life time experience www.runforyourlives.com.au

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