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Ladies please print out the below do’s and don’ts and start memorizing them NOW!! With social media being flooded with shameful and embarressing pictures and even worse videos of what clearly is too much champagne and sun we need to rethink our actions on what should be a classy day out.

Do’s and don’ts at the races.

1.Don’t wear short skirts – The Melbourne cup dates back to 1861 and it has kept its classy classic style so make sure that you bring the lady to the races, please keep the girls (boobies) in the tops and the skirts should at the very least cover your thighs!

2.Don’t  fake Tan, and if you feel like you have to then do it al least 3 days prior – this is a general life rule but even more so applies to a day at the races, NO ONE ever looks good as a Umper Lumper, even if you are at your whitest embrace your inner Doris Day or Nicole Kidman and work with it.


3.From the lips of singer Mel B “just keep your shoes on”, the singer goes onto state that there is nothing more “trashy” and we would have to agree.

4.Do remember the day because of how stunning you looked and felt not because of the bum up in the air pictures that are plastered all over facebook.

5.Do have a good breakfast before hitting the races

6.Don’t try anything new, clothing, food, shoes.

7.Don’t wear shorts. No explanation need.

8.Don’t be this chick!





9. or this one




10. or these gals!


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