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Once again it is February and Valentine’s Day time again. Honestly I don’t really care much for this holiday anymore. I feel like I could be one of those girls who sits around and eats chocolates alone that night, listen to songs like:- MKTO Heartbreak Holiday and watching sappy romantic comedy movies.

I haven’t always been a love cynic, heartbreak and being played has made me this way. I am actually a romantic at heart- what girl doesn’t want the fairytale ending, a knight in shining armor to come and sweep her off her feet. One of my New Years resolutions was to have a more positive attitude, so I am going to believe that guys like that are out there, it is just a matter of finding the diamond in the ruff….(Wish me luck!)

I was with my ex for over 10 years and in the beginning we celebrated Valentine’s Day- you know how it is when it’s new young love. Then after a few years it became just another day. I am not complaining at all, as I use to get flowers all the time on a regular basis, especially in the beginning. It was never just a ordinary bunch of flowers either, it was always a little different, he always made it unique and special- usually 2 different coloured roses in the middle of a bunch of red rose- the 2 other coloured roses was a symbol of ‘US”. Pretty sweet actually… Everyone is different; I was luckier then others, my brother has always had the attitude – ‘Flower are a waste of money, they just die.’ Then there are the other types of guys; I worked with a guy who has been with his wife for over 15 years and he always, ALWAYS buys his wife a dozen roses on Valentines Day and has them sent to her office…so sweet after all these years.

This year with my more positive attitude about life, I am appreciating what i have. I am lucky to have so many amazing people in my life, (and luckier to no longer have some toxic people in my life anymore)…so why not celebrate all the people in your life that you love; I don’t know about you but I know I have a lot of them, not just here but also overseas. Sometimes someone who is a million miles away can brighten your day and make you glow with happiness more then the people right next to you, so why not celebrate them. Why are we only meant to spend one day celebrating the one you love…surely you don’t only have love for 1 person in this world??

Next year I am going to have a ‘Singles’ Valentines Party (couples are welcome, i don’t discriminate!). I am going to celebrate with a “One Love” party, celebrating love between family and friends, etc.…not just lovers; and I am going to spread the love daily and not just on Valentines Day.

OK…here it is……… I am declaring my love to you all…. near and far!!

I might not have a hot date with a lover this Valentines Day, but that’s ok,

I am going to spend this Valentines Day (and future ones) celebrating my love for all who is in my life and all who are amazing…x

God knows we need to spread love around the world!


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