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B105FM always steps up to helping people and when Brisbane man Ryan approached them asking for help there was no way they could say no.

family_pic_1_4_optAt the beginning of August Butlers in the Buff were called by a B105fm representative asking if we may be able to supply some butlers in the buff for a hens shower they were throwing for one of their listeners, they went onto explain that they had received an email from a young man named Ryan father of 2 children, Josiah 5 and Jazz 8, and fiancé to their beautiful mum Yasmin. As you can image they receive a large number of emails on a regular basis but the desperation in this man emails made the station take notice.  Yasmin had been diagnosed with a very rare stage 3 cancer and Ryan desperately wanted to marry the love of his life as soon as possible as there was no certainty he would be able to in 6 months time.

So using the power of radio B105fm was able to put together an amazing wedding for this amazing couple with all the bells and whistle’s and to complete the package they also set up a great hens and bucks party for the pair. This is where we were able to step in and help out, set at the beautiful Hillstonephoto-1_copy_opt at St Lucia we sent 2 of our handsome charming butlers in the buff to make sure the perfect amount of cheekiness was thrown in to create the perfect hens party for Yasmin, not only did the ladies have an amazing time we received a text from the butlers telling us that they were extremely happy that they got to be a part of the day for Yasmin and her gals.

If you would like to read more about Ryan and Yasmin’s story please click on the below link for radio clips and videos of their wedding. P.s. please have a tissue at hand as this is a truly beautiful and sad story.





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