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Ok so it’s been left somewhere in the 1970’s but lets get it back! They are so easy, so much fun and of course DELICIOUS! Just melt chocolate, prepare any dippers you like and enjoy! Why not add one to your next party? Even better, have your Butler in the Buff feed you!

Your can find the best dessert fondue EVER at Max Brenners! Who have venues in ACT, NSW, VIC and QLD.

Or for the personal touch we have found some great recipes for you to do at home


or to make a meal out of it try The Swiss Club in Melbourne.

Where is the best fondue restuarant that you have tried? Email us bookings@butlersinthebuff.com.auwith your favourite fondue restuarant and we will send you out a $25.00 off voucher for your next booking with Butlers in the Buff.

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