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Our top 10 count down:

10.       Sopsophie-monk-hot-3_opthie Monk – she doesn’t need a made up character, don’t let her beautiful exterior fool you this beauty is a true bogan on the inside.


9.         Pauly from Pizza – a self proclaimed Bogan who makes T.V shows for other bogans. Created of Houso’s





8.         Kylie Mole – an oldie but a goodie. Kylie Mole is credited to contributing to the rise of the bogan back in the 80’s. Kylie Mole wrote a book and released a single “So Excellent”


imgres_opt7.         Scott and Charlene AKA Jason Donovan and Kyle Minogue, Lovable bogans from Neighbours.




6.         Poida  – Full Frontal I bet Eric bana’s fans in America wouldn’t believe that this is where he started.

www_opt5.         Rebel Wilson  and her many bogan characters – legend she is our favourite bogan here at the Butlers in the Buff office .


4.         Nathan and Daniel from We Can Be Hero’s – Chris Lilley’s ability to bring to the small screen his interpretation of all walks of life is amazing, and these two have not disappointed the bogan name.

imgres-3_opt3.         Alf Stewart –Australia’s longest running bogan. The character is one of Australia’s most loved, will he ever retire from Home and Away?



2.         Kath and Kim  – these ladies need no introduction.

1.         Crocodile Dundee – This bogan is in the number one spot for solely putting noton the bogan race but also Australia on the map.


Who do you think should have been on the list?

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