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Images came out last week of Prince Harry the rouge royal caught with his pants down*.

prince-harry-topless-waiterReports have said that Prince Harry was involved in game of strip poker whilst visiting vegas. After seeing this Grandma popped the naughty little Prince on her private jet straight back to England.

Inside reports have lead us to believe that this was in fact Harry testing out his skills as a topless waiter. Now although he does have a bit to learn, touching the clients is a no no, removing the apron is a no, no but I think that Harry’s charming yet cheeky ways, and I am are sure that one of his Grandmothers Butlers would be happy to help him out with some tips on Butlering etiquette, would fit in well here at Butlers in the Buff.

Harry if you would like to apply to become a Butler in the Buff please follow the link and fill out the application form and next time you are in Australia we would be Prince_Harry_hens_partyhappy to conduct and interview.

What do you think, would you be happy to have Prince Harry turn up to your hens party or birthday party to serve you and your guests wearing nothing but a collar, bow tie and bottom revealing apron?

I wonder what Granny would say?

*pictures from the tmz website.

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