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We have all heard of the dreaded Bridezilla, that person that you once called a friend, sister, daughter, cousin who puts a ring on her finger and magically turns into some unreconizable creature that rules the world and everything that is in it. She has somehow got into her head that her pending wedding is the MOST important thing that will occur this century and it all has to go exactly how she planned or someone will pay, well I am here to tell you that Bridezilla has an alter ego and even if all wedding plans are on track Henzilla may just step in and stop you from attending the wedding.

Working at Butlers in the Buff now for over 5 years I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with Matron of Honor’s and bridesmaids who didn’t realize what was involved in organising a hens party, not only do they have demanding guests who all have an opinion and budget in mind for the party that you are planning, but who have a bridezilla who has written a list as long as her sash on what she does and does not want to do on her last night of singldom get together.

In my time here I have even had the awkward phone call from best friends stating that they are no longer on the bridal party or attending the wedding so are handing the booking over to someone else. I have put together a little list of what to do to avoid the Henzilla in you coming out.

1. Write your Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids a SMALL list of things that IF POSSIBLE you would love to do. Also a SMALL list of things that you would not like to do.

2. You know all of your guests your bridel party may not so let them know what sort of budget most people would be happy to pay.

3. Write them a list of guests

4. Release all the plans to girls, they will make sure you have a great night. You have enough to worry about with the wedding fast approaching and in the end as long as you get to spend a great night with the gals that you love the most who cares what you do. They will ask you if they need any information on things. (a random do you need me for anything email is ok)

Lastly relax and enjoy your night, you have a stressful couple of weeks coming up of pre-wedding stuff.

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