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Whether your single, in a relationship, engaged, married, overworked or kids are driving you crazy, a girls night out is essential in keeping you happy AND healthy!

Studies have found, yes someone has actually needed a girls night out that badly that they have looked into it, there are actually many health benefits from a regular outing with girlfriends.

In 2002, a landmark UCLA study concluded that girlfriends are stress-busters for women and have an impact on overall mood. It seems that when we’re around friends, the mood-elevating hormone oxytocin is released, increasing our feelings of euphoria. Another study by Harvard University Nurses’ found that women not having regular contact with girlfriends was as detrimental to her health as smoking or packing on the pounds!


Experts also claim that socially connected women live longer, are more likely to survive heart attacks, have a decreased risk of cancer and have less depression and anxiety.

The benefits of a girls night out also extend into your relationship. Time out with friends allows you to do things that most males find excruciatingly painful, like gossiping, venting, talking about ‘women’s’ issues and overall having a laugh. This creates a happy and relaxed environment (a girls_night_out_optcocktail or two also helps!) and enables you to return home refreshed and ready to take on the world! Well, that is until the next night out calls……

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