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Let’s face it – planning a wedding requires huge amounts of time, energy and money in order to make it completely unforgettable. Unfortunately, many brides tend to neglect their own well-being in favour of perfecting every last aspect of their wedding. Out creeps Bridezilla with her dark circles and oh yes – those “saggy bits”. But fear not future Queens of Fab! Today we’re giving you 5 easy-peasy tips to looking and feeling fabulous. Before you know it you’ll be walking down the aisle stress free, looking radiant and ready to begin your new life.wedding_day.jpg

1. Eat your greens

Pressure to look perfect in your wedding photos may turn you towards fad diets that can leave you starving and irritable. For weight loss and to improve the look of skin, hair and nails, it is essential to focus on eating the RIGHT foods – as opposed to NO food. Yes your parents were actually on to something when they made you sit at the table and eat that last piece of Broccoli…

2. Sleeping beauty

From venue visits, to menu tastings, bridal showers, and dress fittings – it is inevitable that wedding details will trump sleep. However, skimping on sleep can have serious physical and mental consequences. Ensure that you continue to make sleep a priority to help you look and feel your best.

3. Fit and Fabulous

A wedding can act as a great motivator to start a health kick. Perhaps you might choose to join a gym or invest in a personal trainer in order to get in shape for the occasion. Even if you aren’t worried about losing weight, exercise can do great things for busy brides-to-be. Exercise releases stress-fighting hormones, and yoga in particular can be a rejuvenating escape from the day’s hectic happenings, no matter how new you are to the practice.

4. Stress Less

No one wants to see stress-riddled Bridezilla who can’t truly enjoy her own engagement party, or worse yet – her wedding. Physical activity, whether it’s a long run, exercise class, or short jog around the block, releases hormones that will boost your mood for hours. Or better yet – Don’t underestimate the power of stress-relief aromatherapy candles and soaking in a warm bath to help you relax as the wedding day approaches.

5. Clear your mind

The pressure to ensure everything is completely perfect can have your mind moving at rapid speeds. All. The. Time. Essentially you need to take a deep breath and stop over thinking things! Have the courage to take a time out and accept the fact that something may not go according to plan.

As you plan every detail of your wedding, remember to look after yourself. By paying attention to your physical and mental well-being throughout the planning process – darling you’ll look FABULOUS!

A huge thank you to  Leonda By The Yarra’s resident blogger Jessica Knight for writing this blog.

Check out Leonda’s own blog here.

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Keep tuned Jessica will be poping in on a regular basis with some fantastic hints and tips on all things events.

Next week: Cracking the dress code.

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